Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Are you ready to step it up?

On the 25th of June, for the very first time our troop organized a hike cum camp! For 3 day and 2 night it took place in school. This hike cum camp was certainly very different than your ordinary paramount camp organized during the fiscal year. All 40+ participant truly enjoyed the more relax, game-filled camp and audaciously endured the scorching sun during their 10km hike around the surrounding of Petaling Jaya. Everyone were undoubtedly enthusiastic campers and hikers to the very end :) Now, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Friday, 25th June;

Patrol Bazinga.

Brotherhood yo!(Tiong)
did anyone notice that all 3 of them are looking at different directions? :D


Rajawali! Hiya, close close can?

Ngawwww, Pekaka residence :D

Helang gemilang!

Love the energy, Mis Melody!

Fabulous scouters! achemmm*polish shoe

Melissa and Rebecca together with the oh so supportive Pn. Yip.

Sir Joel.

Sir Horng Qing officially receiving a scouter's title!

Mis Natasha officially receiving s scouter's title!

Mis Serena officially receiving a scouter's title!

Sir Aaron officially receiving a scouter's title!

Form 4s stepping up as seniors! ohyeah.

1 word. Adorable! ohmy can die!

Rebecca Ong.

Suriah Selvam.

Benjamin Mark.

Ohmy look at the color difference :S

Kimberly oh kimberly.


Into the hall, for our first session, PERMAINAN YANG SUNGGUH MENYERONOKAN!

Aik Jean. Shifu. Ganas.


Enjoying the fishie biscuits and diabetes causing milo?

Form 4s, HUHA. STUDAY!


Sho cute!

Sir Joel, Sir Horng Qing and Mis melody.

A Jolly Family Portrait.

The forever jakun form 3s :)

The Sexified form 5s.

Clean mestin FTW!


Li yen, want to shower ah?


We love you too Pui Yee.

Gimme more.




Can die.

The result of tying too many knots.


Saturday, 26th June; Step Up/Step Down ceremony, Hike.

Hormat kepada tuhan, literally.

Miss Aik Lyn officially receiving a scouter's title!

Sir Yoke Yeong officially receiving a scouter's title!


Chuah Chong Thayk finally stepping up as a senior.

Junior Patrol Leader of 2010/2011/2012.

Han Wei Wen passing down to (Insert name) Enggang.

Lee Pui Yee passing down to Ryan lee, Helang.

Sue Lin Teh passing down to Eu Gin Phua, Pekaka.

Aaron Ong passing down to Chan Rong Lee, Rajawali.

Sabrina Goh passing down to Lee Qai Hoe, Tiong.

The Next Dream Team ;D

EH why smilling?

Ohyeah, ganas.

Maju-ing kehadapan. HAN SHENG left hand over 45!

All excited to retire eyh? :)

First up! Disiplin officer 2010/2011, Eric Lim to Lo Kuan Yen.

AHHA tulan face.

Quartermaster 2010/2011, Lim Fang Liang and Tanusha Sharma to Nigel Fong Liang and Kimberly Tan.

Treasurer 2010/2011, Chai Yeevonne to Teh Han Sheng.

eeeee comel.

Secretary 2010/2011, William Chu to Darren Chin Eu Gin.

Assistant Troop Leader 2010/2011, Ng Aik Jean to Melissa Lim Xieying.

Last but not least, Troop Leader of 73rd Petaling 2010/2011, Clarence Gan to Benjamin Mark Lee Xuan.

"Being a troop leader, there is a lot of responsibilities and hurdles to overcome..
do not back down, so turn around..

..and put on your pink shades!"

Now you are ready to face any challenge with a new pink outlook!

WAIT that's not all..

NAH spaghetti! HAH makan banyak banyak ye.

Senior Assistant Patrol Leaders.

Rebecca Ong.

Chuah Chong Thayk and Leong Jian wei (behind).

Junior Patrol Leaders receiving their whistle.

The Official Dream Team of 2011/2012 ;D

We're ready.

(Pictures taken from/by Joel Lee Ryan)

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