Thursday, January 12, 2012

Old news paper, paper lama, tau kau po chi..

Yessiree, that was us. 20th August, the ever so hard working scouts of 73rd Petaling started a day's service of collecting recycled items. In short, the 'paper lama man' business, just without the cool theme song as well as the lorry. 

Why a recycling project you may ask? 
Well besides the obvious reasons, our main goal was to raise funds for our troop. Recycling not only conserves our natural resources but save landfill space, conserves energy and reduces water pollution, air pollution and the green house gas emissions that causes global warming. What other better way to raise funds and also save our planet?! This was also an opportunity to get off the computer and get some exercise.

Sadly our services was only valid for 1 day from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm. We manage to cover an area of 1 km radius from SMK Damansara Utama, which was no sweat for everyone. Unfortunately there were no pictures taken on that day, I apologize on behalf of my poor memory. Overall it was a very successful day indeed. We would definitely be organizing another project like this in the future :)

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