Thursday, January 12, 2012

Usaha Camp 2011

Hold your breath, because we're going under..

Sincere apologies i would like to bid to everyone for the lateness of this post. Nevertheless, its here! This post would just be a simple overall report of Usaha/Solo Camp held a few weeks back. For those who missed it, pity. The feedback via facebook from participant was fantastic!

This camp was held on the 18th to the 21st November 2011 in Templer's Park, Rawang. As you can tell from the title, this years Usaha camp theme was a rather creative one. 'Dive Into Scouting'. Why you may ask? Well to be literal, it means to immerse yourself into the scouting experience. Not forgetting the adorable names of the patrol which were turtle, starfish, dolphin, lobster, shark and barnacles :) Usaha camp was a real test for all participant and certainly not for the weak hearted, for both juniors and solo campers. All campers had to endure the unpredictable and harsh weather of Malaysia. Rain, heat, storm, cyclone, sweat, (you name it!) With only the security of their raincoat to keep themselves dry and protected. No causalities were met, fortunately. None threw in the towel, instead carried on strong and semangat throughout camp. Well done guys and girls!

Many main activities were held during camp, and here they are ;


Day 1, 18th November 2011
  • Chopping Bamboo
  • Building Campsite
  • Modern Cooking
  • Malam Suai Kenal
  • Operasi Burung Hantu
  • Ahli Perhubungan Test

Day 2, 19th November 2011
  • Morning exercise
  • Hike to waterfall
  • Backwoods competition

Day 3, 20th November 2011
  • Morning exercise
  • Halangan Komando YAY
  • Malam Kebudayaan YAY

Day 4, 21th November 2011
  • Tour around solo camper's campsite

Do not be fooled by the short list, in between the main activities, junior campers are still required to prepare their own meals, shower, build their camp-site, and of course what is camp without a fixed time to get screwed by our beloved scouters? Morning inspection is held every morning followed by istiadat. Do check out the photos which I have linked after each day to really see the action! Reminder, you have to be 'friends' with Miss Lihwen to be able to view the photos. Facebook policies. So addaddadd! For those who did not attend 2011 Usaha Camp, no worries it is held annually every year. So do not miss it! It will be an opportunity of a lifetime and something worth remembering for the rest of your life, trust me.

Swim my little fishies, swim!

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